Picture by Savannah Lauren

Henry Black was born in Medicine Lake, Montana before the turn of the last century. Upon moving to New York City in late-2015, he rose to prominence among the acclaimed singer-songwriter scene. In 2019, he formed a seven-piece group comprised of two guitars, three keyboards, a backing vocal section, and a rhythm section in order to recreate the swirling, thunderous ambience of his classic records.

Of his comeback, debut single, “YGS”, Rolling Stone Magazine remarks that it is “…slick with hope and a perchance for the absurd” and that the song ”…whirls into an inferno of musical wit and technical breadth, shocking the fingertips like the static of a helium ballon.” Sound It! Magazine writes: “Weaving urban psychedelia with age old tradition, Henry Black holds the mirror, lovingly distorted, in front for all to see.” About his upcoming release, “The Best of Henry Black”, Off Beat Press notes: “Having plodded through the numerous compilations of the past quarter millenia, few excite with the youthful vigor of this songsmith. But this endorsement, no matter how ringing, will do no justice to this prolific artist.” He has influenced countless individuals in his wake. In regards to the breadth of such influence, Pitchfork writes: “Who is Henry Black?”